A Different Definition of Deluxe: Sadanand Dhume

Sadanand Dhume | Experiences Under the License Raj | India Before 1991

Sadanand Dhume an Indian writer and journalist based in Washington narrates his experience about how India was a country of want and lacked choice before the year 1991. He also shares his views on the importance of the 1991 reforms.

He tells us, "I remember we got a car, one of the first few Maruti 800. The Maruti 800 we got was called, was a deluxe car. Why was it deluxe? Because it had seat belts. And the idea that a small little car could be called DX or deluxe because it had seat belts told you a little bit about what India was like in those years."

Watch this interesting video to know more about his experiences about how life was under License Raj.

Sadanand Dhume

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