There is so much talk in the country about the role of public co-operation in the successful implementation of the second Five-Year Plan and yet there is insufficient education about the concrete components of this co-operation.There can be nothing like ca'canny or go-slow tactics among the workers in a nation seeking to hasten the pace of its economic development.In order that a worker may seek his work not only as an activity concerning himself but also as an activity that is part of a wider social and national activity, it is important that he should receive the necessary orientation for the purpose. It is also essential that more and more of economic activity in the country should take the organizational form of co-operative societies.That would be a concrete way in which the worker can respond to the call for public co-operation in the country's economic development.

India's resources for economic development need, for the time being at any rate, the most careful husbanding and the most economic utilization and the nation cannot afford to waste any of its resources.
A fourth way is for every individual of the country to look on the Five-Year Plan as his own scheme for employment and income insurance, and therefore go all out to contribute his premium by saving as much as he can and making it available for his investment , whether in public or private sector.

All sections of community can take part in the activity , not only workers but also children , housewives and retired persons.

Savings clubs should be started all over the country and the savers could then become an organised body of shareholders in national economic development.

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