Rehabilitation of the Hungry | 9 January 1956

Acharya Vinobha Bhave told his post-prayer meeting here on Saturday that rehabilitation of the hunger-stricken in India rested on equal distribution of wealth. He, therefore, called upon the rich and the poor to help in the redistribution of wealth to the bhoodan movement.

The best results could be achieved by love and service to the society. That should be the ideal before every owner, be he a zamindar or an industrialist. A large umber of coal miners were among those who attended the meeting.

Referring to the criticism that he was distributing poverty through the bhoodan movement. Acharya Bhave stated : "We can distribute what we have. The people must share each others joys and sorrows."

"We believe in the uplift of the nation by voluntary efforts rather than legislation. " Those who were organising industrial production had greater responsibility to ensure an equal distribution of wealth.

Acharya Bhave said mass production of utilitarian goods and increases production of food grains were necessary to enable a nation to live in peace. Today wealth had concentrated in the hands of the few who did nothing to increase production. Similarly, there were some who considered it below their dignity to participate in production work. He wanted every owner to act like a loving mother and share his wealth with the other members of the society.

Acharya Bhave said that big business men were not looking after the interests of the workers. On the other hand, they were pleading for more wealth for themselves so that they could serve the industry better.

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