CAPITALISING I December 1957

How long will take the Union Government to decide what action to take to lower house rents in Delhi? Every time the citizens cry against the skyrocketing of rents spokesmen of the Union Government come out with assurance that the matter is under consideration.If words could be used to pay rent bills,the Government's frequent pronouncements would have been most welcome.But fortunately that is not so.
Probably the full implication of high rents is not being understood by the authorities here.It means that children in a middle class or lower class family have to go without milk and fruits because parents have to save on it to pay the rent.It means the office worker will always be disgruntled,having to pay a high proportion of his income as rent for inadequate accommodation.It also means that a class of people is being created who constantly think that they are being exploited by being made to pay exorbitant rents.No number of development plans will work if the morale of the people is undermined.
It is sad to know that the government has not paid any attention to the problem so far,beyond holding out the pious hope that the matter will be dealt with soon.The Government has not taken any steps to provide cheap land to those who want to build houses.How the Government wants to amend the Rent Control act too is not known.Anyway,it is good to know that a Cabinet sub-committee is looking into the problem.

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