Rs. 946-Crore Expenditure On Social Services: SECOND PLAN PROPOSALS| 1956

A SUM of Rs. 946 crores is provided in the draft memorandum of the Second Five- Year Plan for social services, it is learnt.
This amount includes Rs. 320 crores for education, Rs. 267 crores for health, Rs. 120 crores for housing and Rs. 90 crores each for welfare of backward classes and rehabilitation. Social welfare and labour have been allotted Rs. 28 and rs. 26 crores respectively. A sum of Rs. 5 crores have been set apart for special schemes to be undertaken for the educated unemployed.
In regard to education, emphasis is laid on primary junior basic education and nearly one fifth of the total allocation has been set apart for this purpose. It is expected that by the end of the Second Plan period, education facilities will be available for 60 per cent. of the children in the age group 6-11 years, for 19 per cent. in the group 11-14 years and for 10 per cent. in the group 14-17 years.

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