In his view the new government will have to put the economic agenda high on the list of priorities that call for immediate action. The economy must be put back on the rails. Mr Mukherjee states in this interview held in Delhi on Monday that the key problems which are of concern of the people are the control of inflation, creation of new jobs and easing the inflow of imports.

By acting on the fiscal deficit, of course. Subsidies which do not reach the target groups will be redesigned rationalised. We will review the purpose of each subsidy, withdraw those which are not required. To save expenditure we will dismantle government of organisations which serve no purpose.

There are three other sources of revenue that can be tapped. Firstly the government should allow no waiver or remission of dates to it. Second, rates of goods and services offered by government-owned departments will be raised, rail tariffs, postal and allied charges, banking and insurance charges, for example. Prices charges by the public centre industries will take a hike.

By consolidation past gains. Getting more out of the industrial and infrastructural capacity we have created over the past few years. By introducing competition we will get a larger output for existing as also additional investment. Improved capacity sale require intensive maintenance of paint and equipment. This will be one area of job expansion besides priority budgetary allocation for poverty alleviation programmes.

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