Pre '91 Challenge: India Before 1991 Quiz Contest


Questions, Answers and Winners

Question 1

When did India take the first steps towards relaxing the controls associated with the "license raj"?

 a) 1947

 b) 1966

 c) 1985

 d) 1998

Answer. 1985

Winners: Shaurya Arora, Neha Yadav and Robin Verma


Question 2:

What was the average GDP growth rate for India for the period 1960-1980?

Answer. 3.5%

Winners: Sadaf Hussain and Sarneet Broca


Question 3:

India in 1985 had the highest level of tariffs in the world. What were the nominal tariff rates as percentage of values in 1985 for Consumer goods?

Answer. 140.9 percent for consumer goods

Winners: Sadaf Hussain and Robin Verma


Question 4:

In 1991, India was only weeks way from defaulting on its external balance of payment obligations. India's immediate response was to secure an emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund by pledging India’s gold reserves as collateral. How much gold did India pledge and what was the amount of money it borrowed?

Answer. India's immediate response was to secure an emergency loan of USD 2.2 billion from the International Monetary Fund by pledging 67 tons of India's gold reserves as collateral.

Winners: Shaurya Arora and Ravi Shekar


Question 5:

India’s customs tariff rates have been declining since 1991. What was the ‘peak’ rate in 1991-92 and 1997-98?

  1. 150% and 40%
  2. 300% and 80%
  3. 120% and 50%
  4. 200% and 40%

Answer: (a) The “peak” rate had come down from 150% in 1991-2 to 40% in 1997-98. (Source:

Winners: Ushma Goswami, Neha Yadav and Robin Verma


Question 6:

Apart from Dr. Manmohan Singh, who was the other candidate being considered by Narasimha Rao for the position of Finance Minister, as per PC Alexander’s narrative?

Answer. Dr. IG Patel

Winners: Pulkit Garg, Shreyas Bhardwaj and Robin Verma


Question 7:

Which car companies dominated the Indian automobile sector in 1970’s?

Answer. Hindustan and Premier

Winners: Mandar Kagade and Ishita Goyal


Question 8:

In order to promote competition in aviation sector, the government adopted a policy through which private players were allowed into aviation sector in 1991. What was the name of this policy?

Answer: Open Skies Policy

Winners: Ashay Jain, Sadaf Hussain and Robin Verma


Question 9:

Which was the leading soft drink brand in India until 1977?

Answer. Coco Cola

Winners: Medha Sethia, Princy Saini and Akshita Sharma


Question 10:

Who was the Officer on Special Duty (OSD) to Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao in 1991?

Answer. Jairam Ramesh

Winners: Adarsh Pachera and Inderjeet Rai


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