A notification had also been issued exempting industrial units from registration and licensing for both production and expansion if they do not fall under compulsory licensing category.

The notification also lists the industries reserved for public sector, compulsory licensing and articles reserved for small scale and ancillary industries under schedule one, two and three respectively.

Small scale and ancillary units were not required to file the memorandum. It said that such units might continue to get themselves registered with the director of industries of the concerned government.

The system of phased manufacturing programme would not be applicable to new projects. However, existing projects with such programmes would continue to be governed by them.

FERA COMPANIES: Under the new industrial policy, licensing is abolished for all industrial undertaking including MRTP/FERA companies and small scale and ancillary industries.

Existing units would be permitted to manufacture any new article without additional investment if the article was not otherwise subjected to compulsory licensing. This facility would be available notwithstanding any locational conditions.

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