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11 March 2016 - 9:22pm
In the Profession of Healing
New Delhi

I am an assistant nursing superintendent [ANS] at Kalavati Hospital, New Delhi. Prior to 1991 we followed an order- staff nurse to nursing sister, nursing sister to ANS and ANS to DNS. While I was a staff nurse before 1991 all our work was manual- registrations, taking care of the children etc. In fact our report cards were manual too! We were diligent and worked with all our heart. Today since everything is digitized, responsibility and accountability on the part of nurses have reduced. Earlier there was sincerity in one's work which is lacking nowadays. 


I have been working at Kalavati Hospital since 1982. Post training four years ago, upon joining all of us had to work manually. We liked working, and we infused a lot of dedication and endurance into it. Things have changed so much since then - today everything is disposable. The newer generation can surely work, but their output is not equivalent to ours. Today the quality of roads have improved and while we were diploma holders the newer generation are graduates in B.Sc Nursing. Hence, they have theoretical knowledge, however, lack practical knowledge. We had abundance of practical knowledge. Practical exposure was integrated in our curriculum with credits for practicals. The newer generation needs to implement their knowledge to work.


(These stories are from Senior Nurses of a Delhi based Hospital)

Veena Chhabra & Gurmeet Chawla

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