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11 March 2016 - 9:32pm
Savings- Now and Then!

I am Pushpa Bhatt from Lucknow. I have taught in the field of education since 30 years now. Before 1991 we didn't know much about banking. We would usually get a pocket money varying from 5 - 25 paise depending on the occasion and Re 1 when our father received his salary . We would put this money in our piggy-bank, hoping to use it in a time of need. Once one of our family members was in need of some money, which tensed everyone and which is when we remembered our piggy-bank. We broke it open and to our surprise we got Rs 120 out of the piggy-bank which seemed like a huge amount then. We put this amount to good use. Children these days are not taught to save, they are taught to spend from the very first day.


Pushpa Bhatt

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